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İngilizceden ingilizceye sözlük aynı zamanda kelimelerin seslendirmesi ve 88.000 civarında da seslendirmeli örnek cümle.

Improve your pronunciation – 88,000 example sentence now pronounced.

Your link to living language

· 155,000 natural examples bring English to life
· British and American pronunciations of headwords, including people and place names
· NEW 88,000 spoken example sentences pronounced on the CD-ROM
· 1 million additional sentences from books and newspapers
· 3000 most frequent words in spoken and written English highlighted
· 4000 new words and meanings

Reading and Writing solutions

· 207,000 words, phrases and meanings – including free encyclopedia on CD-ROM
· NEW Longman Writing Assistant – write correct English first time, every time
· Choose the right word with Longman Language Activator®️ free on the CD-ROM
· Longman Phrase Bank – 220,000 word combinations – free on CD-ROM
· NEW Collocation and Word Focus boxes
· NEW Over 1000 listening exercises as well as extensive exam practice for FCE, CAE, CPE, IELTS & TOEIC

Quick and easy to use

· Clear definitions written using only 2000 common words
· Signposts guide you to the right meaning, fast!
· Instant pop-up dictionary for the web or email
· PC, Mac and Linux compatible


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